UKDFBA Testimonial Re: VAST Technologies

The United Kingdom Drug Free Bodybuilding Association has been committed to providing a level playing field for “clean”, drug free sport to our members since 2011. Personally, I have been dedicated to eradicating drug use from our sport since 2004 using any method suitable to remove those who do not play by the rules from the events that I have overseen, totaling over 50 such events in this time from regional heats to Major International Gala events.

Since 2009, I have utilized and developed an understanding of various forms of lie detector testing as part of my Anti-Doping programs, from full Polygraph examinations to abbreviated screening procedures. In this time, it has been impossible for us to find a method of testing which gives accurate, dependable results in a time sensitive fashion which does not impact on the athletes schedule at the event detrimentally. So, when introduced to the VAST system early in 2017 I was both interested and skeptical in equal measure.

I had no need to be. After a number of meetings with Mr. Mellody and his team, I was given a full understanding of the VAST system and a total reassurance of the efficacy of the procedure, which was backed up by sufficient data for me to have been placed at ease. On the days leading up to our event as the procedures took place, I witnessed time and time again the professionalism and accuracy with which the procedure was delivered as athlete after athlete was screened on the VAST equipment.

The icing on the cake came for me when, on a number of separate occasions the equipment highlighted the tiniest discrepancies in the accounts given by the screening subjects on points which they had glossed over in their pre testing questionnaires which, although not constituting a breach of our association rules and hence in the athletes mind not relevant, were picked up in an instant by the incredible precision of the VAST screening procedure.

I can state without hesitation that I will work with VAST Technologies exclusively going forwards and have total faith in their ability to help us keep the sport we love “clean”.

Lee Kemp
UKDFBA President